Domaine Johanna Cécillon covers 11 hectares in the municipalities of Sévignac and Trédias north of Brittany.

Johanna’s grandparents produced and marketed cider at “La Grange aux Moines”, where her father Joel PERRIN still continues the tradition.

Louis is a descendant of a long line of winemakers in Ardèche, in the city of Tournon sur Rhône. Louis’ uncle, Jean-Louis GRIPPAT, acquired a great reputation in the industry. He produced wine in the respected appellations of Hermitage and Saint Joseph.

In 1933, Leon GRIPPAT, the grandfather of Jean-Louis, obtained a wine press. After pressing Syrah, Roussanne, and Marsanne grapes for many years at the locale “The Sauva,” the press was transported to Sévignac. Today, Nancy and Julien CECILLON, carry the wine making torch in the beautiful hills of the Ardèche.

For both Johanna and Louis, specialized training and passion were required to implement the project. The experience of both gave them confidence in the wild bet to restore and regain the heritage of La Villime and Tredias. Together, therefore, they created Domaine Johanna Cécillon.
The couple works together to maintain the orchards, manually harvesting apples and developing cider in respect for the land.

The orchards are certified organic farming since 10 years ago by Ecocert FR-bio-01. We also make biodynamic treatment and procedure since more than 4 years ago, to restaur, safeguarding and support life of the land. The Orchards are certified Demeter biodynamie FR-Bio-01-117741.

The work of the Earth, ancestral traditions, respect for their lineages, and will power give them courage to extract these wonderful Costarmoricains ciders