Our Spirits


The range – White Dragon, Red Dragon, Silver Dragon, Gold Dragon, Copper Dragon

Production – A blend of fruity, tannic ciders have been specially selected for distillation, resulting in a unique, refined final product.
The process begins with the fermentation of apple or pear juice, during which the natural sugars present in the juice are transformed into alcohol by the action of yeast. The resulting fermented must then undergoes a distillation process, where the alcohol is separated from the other components through the action of various boiling phases. It is at this stage that the eau de vie is formed.

Aging – Some of our spirits, such as Red Dragon, Gold Dragon and Copper Dragon, are aged in oak casks. This aging process allows complex aromas to develop, and enables the spirits to imbibe the characteristics of the wood in the barrel.
White Dragon and Silver Dragon are matured in stainless steel tanks. This method gives our spirits a purity of flavor, preserving the natural character of the distillate while allowing subtle refinement over time.

Certified Organic production FR-Bio-01