We join the Collège Culinaire de France

Domaine Johanna Cécillon joins the Collège Culinaire de France : A commitment to artisanal excellence and the promotion of sustainable cuisine

At the start of this new year, Domaine Johanna Cécillon is delighted to join the Collège Culinaire de France, an association founded in 2011 by 15 renowned chefs. With over 3,000 members including artisans, restaurateurs and producers, this organization works to promote culinary craftsmanship and preserve its quality in the face of the industrialization of food.

Our decision to join this collective illustrates our commitment to fundamental values such as respect, transparency, sharing and excellence. Our integration into this militant community also strengthens our ties with these players in the culinary world.

Beyond its symbolic aspect, we look forward to actively participating in the various initiatives of the Collège Culinaire de France. It’s a chance for us to exchange ideas, learn from other members and collaborate to promote sustainable, quality cuisine.

We are convinced that this collaboration will reinforce our commitment to artisanal excellence. Domaine Johanna Cécillon is honored to be associated with such a prestigious organization and looks forward to future opportunities and collaborations with the Collège Culinaire de France.

Discover our vinegars and honeys

Discover our brand-new range of exceptional vinegars and honeys, carefully selected to satisfy the most discerning palates and enhance your dishes and beverages.

The honey is produced from the beehives located within our estate. We offer two different types of honey: spring honey and summer honey.

When it comes to vinegar, it’s perfect for enhancing the final stages of cooking for your dishes, such as fish, seafood, and white meats. It also allows you to add a refreshing touch to salads, vegetables, and fruits, making it ideal for marinades for your barbecues. To add variety to your culinary experiences, you’ll find three different types of vinegar: the classic, the honey-infused, and the blackberry-infused.

Planting of hedgerows

Thanks to My Tree, Nivea, Bosch, 1 Point 61 and our friends who allowed us to set up new hedgerows in our Estate.

In February, My Tree began planting hedges and micro forests on our estate, as part of a project in partnership with Nivea and Bosch.In total, more than 3,000 trees and shrubs were planted with their support. Among the species chosen, we find cherry trees, oaks, maples, birches, lime trees, and many others.

These plantations will not only protect our orchards and crops by creating a windbreak effect, but they will also provide critical habitat for local wildlife by providing shelter.